Athena Collection

Athena SS17 Collection is inspired by the Greek folk artist Theofilos. Is a prêt a porter deluxe collection, made with the best materials such as silk and cotton.

Born in Lesbos in 1870, Theofilos got his first taste of fine art from his grandfather, a professional icon painter. As a record keeper of Greek folklore, tradition and history, “Greekness” always takes center place in his work. Theofilos being ever fascinated by Alexander the Great and the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821 wore traditional Greek kilt foustanela on a daily basis, even at a time when the dominant Greek style had moved on to a more European style. He organized theatrical events at which he would star as Alexander the Great, using costumes and equipment that he himself would design and make.

He was ridiculed his entire life for being different and having an artistic nature, all the while drawing in order to make his daily bread.

His work was recognized after his death, the peak of which was the exhibit of his work at the Louvre in 1961. It was the victory of a fool in the eyes of many who viewed him as a bizarrely dressed house painter. He was shown in the halls of the brightest museum in the world and French loyalty cross paths with Katsadonis, Diakos, Kolokotronis and Alexander the Great, but also with a baker from Pilion and a fisherman from Lesbos.
His works are simple, to the point, free, full of light, wisdom and elegance. They are the works of a true original of Greek folk art. Athena inspired by his work, but more so by the man himself, his image and his simplicity.